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Uses Of The Subscription Fees

  1. Running the day today expenses of the Club Secretariat located at plot 1048 Kisaasi, Kikulu zone e.g. rent, airtime, administrative allowances, internet bills, annual accounting & auditing fees.
  2. Organization of Club activities like; Budo Fest, AGM, Executive Meetings and Organisation of Thanks Giving Services at school e.g. Silver Jubilee Services, like the class of 1987 & 1988 did on the 8th July 2012 at King's College, Budo. This was all funded by the club and we intend to hold annual services at the schools for the various groups that will be making Silver & other jubilees since they left the royal hill (schools).
  3. Making donations to King's College, Budo & Budo Junior School. For example;
  4. In 2010, the club donated two (2) Omni-Buses to King's College, Budo & Budo Junior School. In 2011, the club raised one million shillings towards the Budo Junior School water project.
  5. Management of the Club Website, Twitter & Facebook Accounts. Including web hosting fees.
  6. Organisation of CAREERS DAY at King's College, Budo. This is done annually and the co-ordination as well as mobilisation of as many professions as possible (especially of Budonian decent), is done by the club secretariat with facilitation from the consolidated club fund majorly accumulated from your subscription.
  7. Maintenance and updating of a Database of fellow Budonians of over 5,000 and still growing.
  8. Facilitation of Old Budonians' Club publications e.g. a book commemorating the 80 years of co-education at King's College, Budo (WHO IS WHO  SHE BUDONIAN) and the 2nd Edition of a book WHO IS WHO FROM BUDO.
  9. Facilitation of the making of BUDO MEMENTOES & SOUVENIRS. This is in form of items such as: car stickers, tyre covers, caps, mugs, note books, lapel pins, t-shirts, pens, umbrellas, calendars, shirts and key holders, etc.
  10. Co-ordination of various Budonian Groups. Many Budonians are clustered according to: years in which they left Budo, the school they attended (BJS, KCB or BOTH), houses, fellowship groups, clubs in which they were members, streams, councils, committees, etc. the club acts as the mobiliser and unifier of all the informal groups irrespective of any of the above tags.
  11. Supporting the activities of OBUC (Old Budonians Universities Chapter). These hold annual dinners that also double as handover ceremonies. This is done by the executive as well as individual university chapters. The same group is also involved in community work at Case Medical Centre; it has previously also worked with KCCA in the monthly general cleaning communal work, KATUTANDIKE an NGO that helps children pick interest in reading at a tender age, orphanages, to mention but three.
  12. Payment of school fees for disadvantaged students & pupils at the schools. The schools usually have pupils/students that would deserve to continue their education at any of the institutions but have financial constraints. These are sometimes forwarded to the club for help and she has done so where possible. This as well with aid of your subscription.
  13. Running club projects at the schools. Projects like the recently completed swimming pool at KCB, water project & reconstruction of BJS. These have been funded or spearheaded by the club with the help of the schools. The club will soon embark on facilitating a project for water & sanitation at King's College, Budo that is spearheaded by Budonians on the "Kafunda Platform."
  14. Maintenance of the Club property e.g. land (in form of ground rent, estates ) in form of maintenance. The club also intends, with the help of your subscriptions, develop the Land owned by the Club and also re-establish the Club House.