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Membership Benefits

  1. Acquisition of a personalised Budonian email address e.g. henrywalterweatherhead@budonian.com
  2. Database of fellow Budonians of over 5,000 and still growing. This is also utilised by Old Budonians to trace long lost friends, classmates, housemates, teammates, etc.
  3. Receipt of a CERTIFICATE FOR A LIFE MEMBER. A member that subscribes for life membership is entitled to a certificate from the Old Budonians' Club. This is presented to the recipient at the AGM. Annual subscription cards will be introduced soon.
  4. Easy access to Budo Mementoes at the club office. This is in form of items like: car stickers, tyre covers, caps, mugs, pens, key holders, note books, lapel pins, t-shirts, umbrellas, calendars, shirts, etc.
  5. Internship linkages as well as labour search. The club acts as a link between university students seeking industrial training/internship and fellow Budonian employers seeking to recruit competent personnel for their organisations. This is done annually and has benefited a number of Budonians.
  6. Recommendation of members by the Club. Members of the club can and have been recommended by the Club's Executive for various reasons like: employment, passports, VISAs, promotions, supply of goods & services, etc.
  7. The club with its database and membership can and is providing market for a number of businesses especially of fellow Budonians. This is during the running of club activities as well as functions at the schools and those organised by the club.
  8. Constantly receiving information about King's College, Budo & Budo Junior School. She (the Old Budonians' Club) acts as a resource centre for Budonians seeking information, news, updates, guidance and recommendations in the schools.