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The Old Budonians' Club was founded in 1910 with the view of bringing together young men who had passed through King's School, Budo as it was called at the time. At the time of its inception the founders did not have the remotest idea that the school to which the Club was attached would one day count girls amongst its students or that the school would also have a Junior/Primary extension.

Today the Old Budonians' Club brings together the alumni of King's College, Budo and Budo Junior School with the main aim of keeping in union all the old students and pupils of both schools as well as assisting the schools in various ways as a way of giving back to their schools by the alumni.

From the very beginning, the Old Budonians' Club chose a methodology of building and owning a club premise where the Old Budonians could gather for various developmental and beneficial activities. This was realised in 1939 when a clubhouse was opened on a 2 acre piece of land in Mmengo-Kisenyi which is now prime land in the Central Business District of Kampala.

Through the decades of its existence, the oldest alumni organisation in Uganda has gone through varied transitions but still going strong. More is still to be done by the alumni Club as clearly embedded in the Budo motto 'GAKYALI MABAGA'

Currently the Club's Executive Committee has purposed to target the alumni with the intension of promoting the Budonian spirit. Having rented out the original clubhouse premises, the Old Budonians' Club has revived the spirit of the clubhouse in Kisaasi - Kampala where the Club acquired own property with proceeds from renting out the 2 acres of land owned by the Club in Mmengo - Kisenyi.

The Executive team has launched a drive to increase the number of subscribed members to the Club. Through various activities and fellowships, the Club has succeeded in linking up Budonians all over the globe.

Membership to the Old Budonians' Club continues to be open to all old students and pupils of King's College, Budo and Budo Junior School who received formal education at any of the two institutions for at least one academic year. This alone does not fully qualify one to membership but also members are required to have paid an annual subscription or a lifetime subscription of currently UGX 50,000 and UGX million respectively. That said, there are also other criteria through which membership to the Old Budonians' Club is made possible. These include:

  • - Honorary Membership
  • - Supernumerary Membership

Over the years and in order to realise the smooth running of the Club, the Old Budonians' Club introduced the idea of paid staff. Currently and in order to maintain a good day-to-day running, the Club employs the services of a full time Administrator, a full time Assistant Administrator and a resident Caretaker.

Over the years, the Old Budonians' Club has grown from strength to strength and the Executive team have been tasked to regularly (once a year) inform the members and Old Budonians at large, how the Club is keeping up with activities relating mainly to the schools. This has been achieved through an Annual General Meeting held at least once a year. Recently and due to the unforeseen global situation of the dreaded COVID-19 virus, a new normal has been established and as a result the Executive team has resolved to hold a virtual Annual General Meeting using modern technology. This is a new development globally and it is envisaged that this new communication and meeting method should increase participation and/or membership subscriptions. The Old Budonians' Club Executive team have now considered arranging quarterly virtual meetings to further encourage old Budonians to participate not only in the activities of the Club but also in the activities of other smaller informal Budonian groups typically comprising of year/classmates.

The Old Budonians' Club awaits more and more interesting developments and the current and most likely future Executive Teams look forward to working together with old Budonians to achieve greater heights...